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I purchased a Genuine Warranty extended warranty for a 2006 Range Rover thru Warranty 4 Wheels, who sells these worthless policies. I paid $3200 for that policy. I also decided to purchase another Genuine Warranty policy for another car and paid $2200 for that one. I was told that both policies cover everything that the manufacturer's warranty would cover. However, I was never told that you have to pay a deductible per every part needing repair if you bring your car in to an authorized repair shop. To the average person, this would be good information to know to make an informed decision when deciding to purchase an extended warranty. The language in the Genuine contract reads as if you pay one deductible every time your car is needing repair, no matter how many parts are needed to fix the problem.

At the end of April 2011, I began getting error messages on the dashboard of the 2006 Range Rover. I took it in to a Land Rover dealership and they ran a diagnostic on the car. The dealership discovered that the error messages were due to the compressor for the suspension and the fuel pump, both of which needed to be replaced for a total of $1700, plus the costs for the diagnostic. No problem I think. Good thing I purchased an extended warranty. Wrong! Genuine said it would not cover the fuel pump because the costs for the part and labor is less than my $500 deductible. They would cover the cost of the compressor, but Genuine would only approve 0.4 hour (no you did not read this wrong) to remove the existing compressor and put in a new one when the dealership was requesting 3 hours of labor to perform this work. How does that even seem reasonable? Finally, the dealership would have to run diagnostics again after putting in the new parts to reset the computer system, but Genuine will not cover this. So out of a $1700 bill, Genuine is only going to pay $250. So in addition to paying $3200 for a policy that doesn't cover anything, I have to come out of pocket an additional $1450 for the repairs. What's the point of having an extended warranty?

When I called Wayne at Warranties 4 Wheels to complain about the lack of coverage and the misrepresentations about the policies that were made when I bought them from Warranties 4 Wheels, he was very rude and told me that people like me were trying to get over. I paid over $5000 for two worthless policies. How am I trying to get over? Wayne refuses to give me my money back and cancel the policies despite the fact that I did not get the repairs done on the Range Rover and nothing was ever been paid out by Genuine under either policy I purchased. Bottom line: DO NOT PURCHASE A GENUINE WARRANTY POLICY AND DO NOT PURCHASE ANYTHING FROM WARRANTY 4 WHEELS!

I have reported both companies to the Better Business Bureau. I have gotten my credit card company involved, which I used to make the payments. I live in Texas, so I am filing complaints with the Texas Attorney General's Office and the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation. Since both Genuine and Warranty 4 Wheels are Arizona companies, I'm also covering all bases by filing a complaint with the Arizona Department of Insurance. It is very time consuming. However, I believe both companies are engaging in fraudulent practices and must be stopped. I encourage all who have experienced similar problems with these companies to do the same. The more complaints, the quicker state governments where these companies do business will take action on behalf of defrauded consumers. I'm out $5000-plus, but I will not go down without a fight.

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I purchased a 2006 dodge charger from a reputable dealer here in Indiana. I thought I was buying the warranty from them.

Nope, now my car is having several problems and all should be covered by my 3 star plus warranty but I was told no. Now I'm going to sue the dealer.

If you want my help in a class action suit against them email me!


I'm all for a class action law suit if there is enough interest.

to Centered Austin, Texas, United States #607443

Have you pursued a lawsuit? If not, what did you do about it?

Or if you are still considering, please let me know. My email rajib.namin at google's email server (you know what that is...I am not putting it out to so that robots can't get it).


I purchased a 2006 Saturn Vue from Independance Auto Sales in Lynnwood Wa Nove 2011. Jim (our sales guy) asked us if we wanted a warrant well...duh! steering box and power pump (or something like that) went out. I contacted Warranty Solutions and they said that Jim had signed us up for a 3 star warranty and so this won't be covered at it's going to cost us over 1800.00!! When it went out I thought thank god for warranties, umm yeah. I am NOT happy about this!

How can you pay a extra 2-3000 for a warranty and then come to find out that the "part" that you need fixed isn't going to be covered. They are "stealing" peoples money but doing it "legally" I'm VERY pissed off! I have contacted the BBB but really doubt that they are going to do anything about this.

How can these dealerships get away with screwing people and sleep at night! Really?


You are absolutely correct, they are unscrupulous scammers who won't honor claims and who misappropriate credit card numbers. I have had to change my debit card number several times (4) after beginning my contract with them.

Strange purchases across the country would show up starting with iTunes and then Majick Jack, FTD flowers, even a grocery store in Virginia. Eventually, I authorized them to do a bank draft and I haven't had anymore issues.


Anyone who has used a credit card to purchase a warranty from them (or warranty for wheels which is the same guy's company) your credit card and get a new account number issued. Check your statement about 1 year after you paid for the warranty for fraudulent charges.

Luckily my credit card company spotted them for me. Selling bogus warranties is not the only way these guys are making money.



Wayne M. Craig


Warranties 4 Wheels

Auto Warranty Specialists

Office 623 935 7988

Cell 602 418 1134

Fax 623 388 6668

This company states they sell warranties that cover the vehicle, which is what they state. The issue is, when you take your vehicle in for warranty work, they deny paying any type of claim for the vehicle. The CEO has some major issues, 1st with language, and secondly, when he tried using the literal meaning of a word, and I read to him the true meaning out of the dictionary, he proceeded to call me an *** and say I couldn't use the English version, I needed the European Version. I pulled up the dictionary online and read that mean, he then comes back and says you can't use the literal meaning.

This company should not be in business. You can't get your money back due to it being a 30 day window to cancel your policy, to which you really wouldn't know if it worked or not.

There is no honor or integrity to this group. DO NOT BUY!


Have you researched the laws in your state about auto warranty policies?


The underwriter that is on the copy of your warranty in England is all a lie. They have no insurance backer that's way you have to call Wyane its a Ponzi Scheme.

The repairs they do cover is from the money they get from other customers. They have no insurance license of any kind.

The most funny thing about there so called Home office is thats the funny part it"S a home!!!! google there address for both companies the houses are next to each other.


These are the biggest crooks I have ever done business with! Wayne Craig if you read this - you're a ***!!! I will not stop trying to shut you down, anyone who wants to join in a class action lawsuit against Warranties 4 Wheels/Genuine Warranties/GMLG Marketing Services/Wayne Craig/Ben Evans alias Ben Nuon/Exotic Warranty Company, let me know just post your info and I'll let you know what's up!!!

to Kathy #620145

Hi Kathy,

I am very interested in joining a class action suit if one is currently opened. This company needs to be taken down once and for all.

I am also involved in a matter with them and they are not negotiable at all.

Please let me know how we can touch base to further discuss.



I recommend also contacting the insurance fraud department in Florida. This company was and may still be associated with Ben Evans also known as Ben Nuon of Exotic Warranty in Bradenton, FL and also Genuine Warranty Solutions in Las Vegas.

Florida closed the doors to this business as most states must have every employee bonded,they must have an underwriting company not owned by the same person and must put in a deposit with the state. None of this was done in Florida and I doubt anywhere else. Also, keep all of your proof because records they have might disappear if they start feeling the heat!

It is funny because the company moved for Arizona when things started getting hot in Vegas. I am just surprised they are still going by the same name.


Same old story. Look at their BBB Ratings finally!

It is finally catching up with them. First they ran this scam out of Florida, then Las Vegas and now running it out of two call centers in houses in Avondale. Every complaint you read is true. They did this to me as well.

They may pay a small claim to stay under the radar but anything big and they just bail! No discussion! Try to reach them by phone!! Have to leave a message for every line except of course sales!

Wayne Craig owns both companies. He pretends to be an independent broker (W4W) and then places the policy with his other company Genuine Warranty Solutions. (Underwritten by themselves!) It's finally catching up with them. AG's office already working on it.

It's a scam and all that have been cheated should follow up with their stories to the AG's office. They have hundreds of websites that funnel into the call centers and are selling these bogus warranties all over the country.I have never spoken with a more unethical man than Wayne Craig. He is a bully and it's scary that all these complaints talk about his screaming and yelling at the customers.

He uses the same lines with everyone. He's frightening but about to have karma catch up!

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