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1. Written by hiten, on 22-02-2010 21:35

Just got a call from Wayne (I guess he is the CEO of this shady company). He refuses to honor the transfer of my extended warranty on my maserati, because he says that they did not receive my transfer docs within 7 days. I had called the company 2 days after purchasing my car, and had faxed them the docs. They called me the same day and asked me to send them in mail the same form, and a $100 transfer fee. (never mentioning the time sensitivity of this process). seems like this is a new low for these guys. I am not even asking them to pay for any repairs yet. Wayne Got rude with me on the phone and told me "I don't have to do *** that I don't want to". Nice language for a ceo of the company. I guess I will be taking these crooks to court, because this warranty was a big reason for me to buy this perticular car.

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You're lucky that you didn't have a repair or have to buy the warranty up front. Talk to the person who you purchased the car from and see if you can get some relief there.

I'm all for a class action law suit and have someone that will take it on if there are enough people willing to be part of it.

It's a costly process doing it on your own. Been there done that.

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